CAN YOU CASE IT? #128  A Sketch Challenge

Sketch Challenge

                Sketch Challenge


Lots of Fruit

                        Lots of Fruit


fruit 3


So here is how I made it:

I used a technique called MASKING.

The first step in making this card is to make a mask for each piece of fruit that I will use for my card. To do this I  stamped the image on a post it note, making sure the image is at the top of the note so that it will stick to the card stock. **Post it notes work best because the paper is so thin. Cut the images out as close to the black outline as possible. The green images below are the post it note masks.  The watermelon mask has not been cut out yet.

fruit 5

Next, I stamped an image on the card stock and covered the stamped image with the post it note image.  **The first image that you stamp will be the image in the forefront of the design.  Other stamped images will appear to be behind the previous stamped image.

fruit 4

You can see in this next image that the watermelon image looks to be in front of the other images.  I stamped the strawberry and lemon slices on top of the watermelon slice, (with the post it note on top of the watermelon).  When the post it note is pulled off, the strawberry and lemon appears to be behind the watermelon, (see it in the picture below).  Next, I put the post it note image of the strawberry on the strawberry, and back on the watermelon, and stamped the kiwi.  Now the kiwi appears behind the watermelon and the strawberry.


Fruit 2

After all of my images were stamped I colored with Pan Pastels. I love the  Pan Pastels because:  1. They are so easy to blend, 2. If the color isn’t exactly what I want I can erase, 3. They’re quick and easy to apply, 4.  They come in lots of colors. 5. With FSJ everything I need to apply Pan Pastels comes in the package.

I am not sure how evident the highlights are but I used the FSJ Journey Glaze on the seeds and the green rhine of the watermelon for some dimension.

After the center section was colored, and the sentiment was stamped on the right hand panel, I added the two side panels. I popped them up with foam squares to attach them.   I colored three more pieces of fruit and attached them to the front of the card. I layered this piece on top of a lemongrass and then a candy apple piece of CS.

Here is the finished card again.  If you look at the top of the card, between the two side pieces of CS, you will see the over laping fruit where I used the Masking technique

Lots of Fruit

                                         Lots of Fruit

FSJ Supplies :

Let’s Twist                          pg. 190

Card Stock:

Whip Cream                      pg. 289

Candy Apple                      pg. 289

Lemongrass                       pg. 288


Black Licorice                    pg. 289

Journey Glaze                   pg. 269

Journey Foam Squares   pg. 269


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  1. Eva Bussom says:

    Char, this totally rocks! Love the masking and vibrant colors! 🙂 Eva

  2. Such a fun summery card. Love it.

  3. Char, this card is awesome! Love the play on words! Jeanne

  4. Rose Packer says:

    What a great card. That level of masking is awesome and so well done. Love this starwberries trying to escape!

  5. Amber Trubiak says:

    Char, that sentiment cracks me up – I love it! Such a fun card! ~Amber

  6. This is just YUMMY!

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