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Just one more of the MANY things I love about Fun Stampers Journey is all of the Mixed Media products we offer.  FSJ is NOT just about making greeting cards or scrapbooking. Although that is totally fun and amazing!  We can use our inks to stamp on lots of different surfaces like fabrics, wood, paper mache, tile and so much more. The Modeling Paste, Gesso, Stencils, and Acrylic paints are just a few of the products that really allow us to step outside the stamping box.  Using Fun Stamper Journey products and our Inspiration Book and Catalog makes it easy for us to be creative!! This project is a great example.  This project is not my original creation in that I saw an example of letters  “C-R-E-A-T-E” in our catalog.

I fell in love with the C-R-E-A T-E letters(page 193), and I have wanted to re-create them with our mixed media products since January!  So finally, that is what I have done.  These are the letters that I created, and I can’t wait to put them in my stamping studio…aka garage.   🙂

Mixed Media Letters

Mixed Media Letters


Below, I will post each letter separately so that details are easier to see.


I found 8″ Paper Mache letters at JoAnn Fabrics, for $3.49 each.  I painted each of the letters with a sponge brush and acrylic paint. We have a nice variety of high quality Acrylic paints that are color matches to our other products.

The materials that I used for this project are Fun Stampers Journey products, and can be found in the Inspiration Book and Catalog, or on line.

FSJ stencils                pg. 192    Fun Stampers Journey has a great selection of stencils!!!

Modeling Paste         pg. 208

Splashes                     pg. 209

Silks                            pg. 209

Acrylics                      pg. 209

Accessories                pg. 212-213

Ink                              pg. 202-203

***IMPORTANT TIP: When working on the letters, it is very important that you allow each step or layer on the letter to dry before you move on. The Splashes and Modeling Paste need a little time to dry.  Our inks need to be heat set before you can layer another color of ink or apply Modeling Paste.

……and so, this is how I did them!

For the letter “C”, I used Cool Pool and Lemon Grass Splashes for the base colors.  I sponged the colors around on the surface to make  them the base color.  I then used Stencils, Ink with some, and Modeling paste with others. While the Modeling Paste was still wet I added Journey Sparkle Dust.  The Starburst Lines stencil is my FAVORITE stencil!


Mixed Media "C"

Mixed Media “C”


I used the Watermelon Fusion Splash on the letter “R” as the base color. It takes much longer for the Splashes to dry than the Ink, so if you are in a hurry you can speed up the drying with our Journey Heat Gun (pg. 199). This also heat sets our Inks. I used Stencils, Modeling Paste, and Bloom Time Sequins, and used a dauber to add color to the Modeling Paste.  I am not sure if you can see the details, but the sequins are down the diagonal leg.



With the first letter “E”, I once again used Stencils, sponged ink, Gold Metallic Silk, Bezel Dots, and Journey Natural Twine.  The Bezel Dots may be a bit much but once they are on, they are ON!

Mixed Media "E"

Mixed Media “E”


On the letter “A”, while the Modeling Paste was still wet I sprinkled Journey Sparkle Dust.  I used a couple of different Stencils on this letter also.  I used a dauber to get the large dots, and distressed all of it with Rock Candy Ink.

Mixed Media "A"

Mixed Media “A”


For the letter “T”, I used stencils again, Splashes, and the Flutter By Punch.  I inked the Flutterby’s card stock and while they were still wet, added Journey Sparkle Dust to them. When dry, the Sparkle Dust sticks to the card stock. Can we use too much Sparkle Dust?  I DON”T THINK SO!!!!   🙂

Mixed Media "T"

Mixed Media “T”


….and last, I once again used Stencils, Sponged Inks, Silks, and Splashes on this letter “E”.

Mixed Media "E"

Mixed Media “E”


That’s it.  Once again, fairly simple but a little time consuming, Mostly because you must let the layers dry. You need a little patience.

Thank you for stopping by.  Hope this post was helpful.   🙂


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